Thursday, March 7, 2013

Today's Run 3/7/2013

Today I went for an early morning run of 5.5miles on the treadmill.  I woke up before my toddler did so I was able to do about 2miles before she awoke.  I usually don't run in the morning because I prefer to sleep in of course.  My husband didn't have to go to work at his usual time so I knew he could help out if she woke up before I was done.  She waited patiently for me to finish and then she wanted a turn on the treadmill too.  I love to see that she wants to be a runner just like mama.

Here she is still in her PJ's and wanting a drink from my water bottle.  She always see's me drinking water while I run and she wanted to do the same.  Love her!

What did you do for exercise today? Do your kids try to exercise just like you?