Friday, March 8, 2013

Lululemon Women's Brisk Run Headband

Just wanted to share my favorite headband to wear during winter runs.  This is the most comfortable headband I've ever owned.  It covers my ears perfectly even when I'm wearing my earbuds.  It stays in place and it's reversible.  Unfortunately you can only find this color on ebay and it's way over priced.  The mint and black colored one is on sale at Lululemon's website under the "We Made Too Much" tab.

Here is what the Lululemon website say's about their product:
why we made this
Made with super soft Rulu, this reversible headband is a great companion on our road runs once winter hits. Its moisture wicking properties and slim fit make it a great additional layer under a bike or ski helmet.
key features
reversible, just like your mood
one size fits beautifully
slim, simple fit works great as an additional layer under helmets and hoods
made with Rulu (aka Running luon) which is moisture wicking
tech specs
designed for: run
fabric(s): Rulu™properties: four-way stretch, moisture wicking, breathable


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