Saturday, April 28, 2012

Le Métier De Beauté On The Coast LE Kaleidoscope Eye Kit: Photos, Swatches and Review

Well, if any of you were lucky enough to get one of these or at least tried you know what a commotion the early release of this kit caused.  This new limited edition Eye Kit was created for in celebration of LMdB launch at the store along with two other LE eye kits released at limited Saks locations.  This particular Eye Kit was set to launch Monday, April 23rd according to press releases I read but on Saturday April 21st I noticed on Twitter that people had bought them and that they were already sold out.  My heart sank and I was so very sad that I had missed out on it.  Luckily the very kind blogger at CafeMakeup sent me a link on Monday and I was able to snap one up moments before they sold out.
Not all hope was lost though.  The wonderful people at LMdB took more pre-orders as they did not anticipate how many people would be upset at not getting their hands on one.  I'm glad they did because I consider the original early release of the palette a huge mistake.  When things like this happen it gives me faith in the brand that they really do care about their customers.  One thing I hate is when companies tease their clients and then don't provide enough of the products to go around.  It's one of the big reasons I don't buy a certain brand very often, I felt like they always had me on a tight leash and teasing me with all the LE collections they put out and then selling out so quickly.  I cut that leash because I don't like having to stalk websites to be able to get something I love, especially if I am a loyal customer.  Anyway, enough of my rant, let's get to the pictures and actual review of this gorgeous eye kit.

 White balanced, indoor shot.  Flash was not used.

Outdoor, in sunlight photograph.  Flash was not used.

"Effervescent Beige Champagne." Photograph on the left was taken indoors and is white balanced.  The one on the right was taken outdoors in sunlight.  Flash was not used in any of the photographs.

This photo was taken under an LED light.  No flash was used.

"Shimmering Tan Taupe."  Photo on left was taken indoors and is white balanced.  The photo on the right  was taken under an LED light and flash was not used in any of the photographs.

This photo of "Shimmering tan taupe," was taken outdoors in sunlight.  Flash was not used.

 "Soft satin brown."  The photo on the left was taken indoors and is white balanced.  The photo on the right was taken outdoors in sunlight.  Flash was not used in any of the photographs.

"Soft satin brown," photo taken under an LED light.

"Deep Champagne Cobalt."  The photo on the left is a white balanced photograph.   The photo on the right was taken under an LED light.  Flash was not used in any of the photographs.

This photo of "deep champagne cobalt," was taken outdoors in sunlight.

 Both photos above were taken indoors and are white balanced.  Flash was not used in any of the pictures.

Outdoor shot in sunlight, No flash was used.

The colors in the eye kit are as follows:
  • Effervescent Beige Champagne.  The formula of this shade is velvety soft and ethereal looking.  I would use this shade as a highlighter as well.
  • Shimmering Tan Taupe.  The formula is creamy, soft and effortless to apply.  It's a frosty looking taupe and has micro shimmer that you can't even feel.  It is such a gorgeous shade and my favorite in the eye kit.
  • Soft Satin Brown.  This color is also velvety soft and is a beautiful shimmery bronzed copper color.  
  • Deep, Champagne Cobalt.  This formula is not as soft and creamy as the others, but it applies easily and effortlessly just like the rest of them.  It looks like a beautiful metallic cobalt.

For the eye look above I used the Shimmering Tan Taupe all over the lid and applied the soft satin brown to the crease.  Then I took the Effervescent Beige Champagne  and applied it to the brow bone and inner corner.  Next, I took MUFE Eye Seal and mixed it with the deep, champagne cobalt and applied it to my upper and lower lash line.  Next, I used UD Binge 24/7 eyeliner and applied it to my waterline.  Finally, I applied two coats of Shiseido Perfect Mascara in Black.

 For the rest of my face I started off with Givenchy Photo'Perfexion Fluid foundation in 5 Perfect Praline. Next, I used the highlight, blush and bronzer from the LMdB Flawless Face kit.  Then, I filled my brows with Anastasia Brow Whiz in Brunette and finished off with Anastasia Clear brow gel.  Finally, I applied LMdB Orange Juiced lip gloss to my lips.

This is hands down my favorite palette in my makeup collection.  The colors and formula are exquisite and so effortless to work with.  The Taupe in this collection is the prettiest taupe I've ever owned.  They are extremely long lasting.  I wore mine for 12hrs and it was still as gorgeous as it was when I put it on.  If you got your hands on one or pre-ordered one, you will not be disappointed.  


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Giorgio Armani Bronze 2012 Color Collection Limited Edition Écailles Face Palette

Another piece I picked up from the Armani Bronze 2012 Color Collection is this gorgeous limited edition face palette.  This duo shade palette is composed of the colors "seashell pink" and "white foam." I've used each shade alone for cheek color and highlight and I've swirled them together for a more pronounced glow on the cheek.  I bought mine from Kathy Shoreman at Neiman Marcus Tyson's 571-533-4972.  She is super sweet and very helpful.

Here is what the Armani website say's about the product:
Just in from the Bronze 2012 Color Collection. Limited Edition.

The ultra-fine powders of the Face Palette with Giorgio Armani’s Micro-Fil™ Technology come in a complementary duo of shades, ‘Seashell Pink’ and ‘White Foam’. Cheeks are warmed with a sun-kissed flush.

 The picture on the right was taken outdoors in sunlight after I swatched it.  

All of the picture above are white balanced and flash was not used.

The two shots above are outdoor photos in sunlight, no flash was used.

 Indoor shot, no flash was used.

I'm wearing the face palette on my cheeks and as a highlight on the tops of my cheek bones.

The pink shade in the duo is an angelic looking mauve, it has a sheen to it.  The white shade is a frosty white with silver looking sparkles.  I thought the white shade might be too much for me, but I just apply it with a light hand and add more if I feel like I need it.  It does settle a little in my lines so I wasn't too happy about that.  While the blush appears dark it's actually quite tender and can be layered for a darker look.   The texture of the blush is velvety soft, much softer than the white shade.  I prefer to mix both shades and use them as a blush instead of using the white as a highlight. 


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Clarins 'Enchanted Summer' Color Quartet & Liner Palette: Photos, Swatches and Review

While I was stalking the Nordstrom's what's new in beauty section, I noticed this gorgeous looking palette from Clarins.  I've never bought a makeup item from Clarins and I thought this was a good way to try them out.  Besides, I'm a sucker for packaging and the pattern on the palette and eyeshadows themselves are exquisite.  The palette is composed of four eyeshadows and one cream liner as well as a sponge tip applicator and a dual ended precision sponge tip and angled brush applicator.  This palette is limited edition and a Nordstrom exclusive item.

What the Nordstrom website say's about the product:
The Clarins Enchanted Summer Palette features four luminous eye shadows in a powder motif inspired by exotic travels, plus a pearlized-brown eyeliner for a truly intense look.
Limited edition.
By Clarins.

 All the pictures above were shot indoors and are white balanced.  No flash was used.

The two photos above were shot outdoors in sunlight, flash was not used.

 The colors in the palette are as follows:  a beautifully soft frosty gold, a satin bluish purple with subtle shimmers ( the photos do not do this color justice), a shimmery golden bronze with gold shimmers and a gorgeous iridescent blushing champagne.  The cream liner is a dark bronzed brown with red, bronze and gold sparkles(again this picture does not capture this gorgeous color). 

 The two photographs above are indoor shots, they are white balanced and flash was not used.

 Outdoor photo in sunlight, no flash was used.

 For this look I took the purple shade and placed it on the lid.  Next, I took the gold shade and placed it in the crease and the inner 4th of my lower lash line.  Then, I took the bronze shade and applied it to my outer v and blended into the crease.  After that, I took the champagne color and applied it to my inner corner and brow bone for a highlight.  Lastly, I applied the cream liner to my upper and lower lash line.

The colors in this palette are gorgeous, they are soft and have a creamy feel.  They are easy to blend and the colors are very subtle in my opinion. I expected a little more color payoff from the purple, but it's still beautiful.  The cream liner is a dream and so easy to apply.  I used UD primer potion and got about 8hrs of wear with little creasing.  My eyelids were extremely oily on this day, so I'm sure they would have worn longer if not for that. The design on the eyeshadow's themselves fades with use.  I'm pretty happy with this purchase and I am going to have to try some other products from Clarins Summer Collection.