Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Too Faced Vintage Sale

For all you Too Faced lovers out there, tomorrow marks the beginning to the semi-annual Too Faced Vintage Sale.  You can save up to 85% on select makeup until March 11.  I recommend getting the "In Your Dreams" palette, I own it and absolutely love it.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Limited Edition Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Summer Capri 2012 Pure Color Five Color Gelée Powder Eye Shadow Palette in Bronze Sands Photos, Swatches and Review

While browsing the beauty section on I noticed that the Estée Lauder Pure Color Five Color Gelée Powder Eyeshadow Palette for the Bronze Goddess Summer Capri 2012 collection was already for sale.  It's not even Spring yet so I was shocked but I took advantage and snagged one up.  You can find it here.

What Saks Fifth Avenue's website says about the product:

Turn up the heat with five seductive summer shadows. A palette of super metallic shades to highlight, define and dramatize your eyes. Apply dry, or wet to intensify. Sleek compact includes applicator and mirror. Ophthalmologist-tested. Fragrance-free. From the Bronze Goddess Capri Summer 2012 Collection.

 I really like the gold compact, it's solid and snaps securely shut.

 Dry Swatches under white light.
 Dry swatches in sunlight.
 Wet swatches in sunlight.
Wet swatches in white light.
The first shade is a light golden sand color.  The second swatch is a beautiful gold.  The third color is a coppery bronze.  The fourth swatch is a bronzed plum brown and the last shade is a golden teal, probably the most beautiful shade of teal I've laid eyes on.

The two photos above are with dry application.
This photo is with wet application.

This palette is absolutely gorgeous!  The colors are neutral but breathtaking.  It's very metallic so If you don't like shimmer you won't like this.  I don't think I will be reaching for much else this summer.  I love that you can wet the shadows to get a more dramatic look.  The eyeshadows feel silky and smooth and are easy to blend.   In the photos above I applied the gold color on the lid using the sponged tip applicator the palette came with. Then, I took the  bronze color and used a sigma brush that resembles a MAC 217 and placed it on my crease in windshield wiper motions. Next,  I took the light golden sand color and placed it on my brow bone as a highlight. Lastly, I lined my eye with the bronzed plum brown color and then lined the lower lash line with the golden teal color using the tapered sponge tip applicator the palette came with.  I've been wearing them on my eyes now for 6hrs and they have stayed true so I imagine they are long wearing.  I will update this post if they don't last until my bed time. :) This is a limited edition palette you don't want to miss.  


Lé Métier De Beauté Red Velvet Lip Créme Lip Gloss Photos, Swatches and Review

I picked up some products from Lé Métier this weekend at the Neiman Marcus Beauty Event and received this beautiful Lip Gloss as a GWP.  The color is called Red Velvet and it is the most gorgeous shade of red I have ever had the pleasure of owning.  This color is not available for purchase, if you purchase $125 worth of Lé Métier products during the NM Beauty Event this will be your gift as long as they still have them in stock.  You will also receive a tote with skincare samples compliments of Neiman Marcus if you spend at least $100.  The Beauty Event ends March 4th.

 The applicator is a bit big for my lips.  I don't think this would bother me if it was a neutral color but I used my own brush to make sure I didn't get it outside of my lip line since it's a dark color that also works as a stain.

 I shot a swatch under my vanity lighting with sunlight and one under white light.  This color is so gorgeous and I can't help think of vampires and blood when I see it.  But it also reminds me of Snow White's lips in the original Disney Movie that I watched as a child.  I would say it's a cool red because it doesn't look orange to me.  It's much darker than a tomato but not as dark as a red delicious apple.  When it's wiped away a dark pink stain is left so I guess it would be a blue based red.  I'm not good with the whole color wheel thing so I'm sorry if I'm wrong.

 Here I am wearing the lip gloss alone.
Here I blotted the gloss on paper and then added a layer of Nars Moon Fleet Lip Gloss(the most beautiful gold gloss ever!)

On the left Red Velvet and Moon Fleet and on the right Red Velvet alone.  I used Smashbox High Definition Healthy FX Foundation in Light L3, I applied it with my fingers.  Next, I used my Lé Métier Flawless Face Kaleidoscope translucent powder all over my face to set the foundation.  Using the same Kaleidoscope I took the Radiance Powder Rouge in Echo and swept it across my cheeks using a Louise Young powder brush.  I then, used the same brush and applied the bronzer from the Kaleidoscope where the sun would naturally hit my face and used Whisper to highlight the tops of my cheek bones and the bridge of my nose.  I also used Whisper as my eyeshadow color and then lined with Bobbi Brown's gel liner in Caviar Ink using my MAC 211 brush. Finally, I lined my water line with Smashbox Eye Beam inner rim liner and groomed my brows with Anastasia's Brow Whiz in Brunette,  setting it with Clear Brow Gel.  

Lé Métier made the red lip gloss of my dreams when they formulated Red Velvet.  I'm sad I only have one and can't purchase another for safe keeping.  I hope Lé Métier adds this color to their permanent line.  My husband loves the color on me and responded to my pictures with a Grrrr, woof! Woof!  Woof!  I guess that means he really liked it too LOL!  My daughter who isn't quite two yet also can't keep her fingers off my lips when I'm wearing this color.  She just learned her colors and she notices this one and tries to say red when she sees it.   The gloss is smooth and creamy, it left my lips soft even after it was completely gone.  The gloss leaves a stain after it wears off, so your lips won't look pale.  A word of caution,  be careful when wearing this it does stain the skin.   I kissed my daughter on the forehead and when I wiped it off she looked like she bonked her head.  I would advise you to  carry makeup remover wipes when wearing this shade in case it got on another part of your face.  Wiping it off won't remove the color, but I was able to remove the stain on my lips with Neutrogena makeup remover wipes.  There was no obvious scent or flavor to this gloss which is nice and it lasted 4hrs only because I had lunch.   I'm sure it would last much longer if I didn't eat or drink.  It did leave a nice healthy looking reddish stain after I ate.  This is a must have gloss for those of you who love red on the lips.


Neiman Marcus Beauty Event And My Morning with Aimee @ Lé Métier De Beauté

I'm usually an online shopper, I hardly venture to department stores because I have a son who loathes shopping and a toddler who feels she is entitled to touch and sample everything she comes into contact with.  When I saw the Lé Métier De Beauté's GWP for the Neiman Marcus Beauty Event I really wanted to see it in person.  My husband volunteered to drive me to the closest NM store and entertain the kids so I could also have my Makeup done by Aimee Gray at Lé Métier inside the NM in Ft. Worth.  If you're ever at Ridgmar Mall in Ft. Worth you owe it to yourself to visit Aimee at Lé Métier she is so nice and gorgeous!  While she applied my makeup she explained so many wonderful things about Lé Métier that I wasn't aware of.  I feel like I know the brand a bit more now and I am defenitley going to be trying their skincare line soon.  Customer service is very important to me and if I ever encounter anyone rude or snobby I usually do not shop there again.  Aimee was so nice and informative I am so glad she took care of me that morning, I will be calling her for all my Lé Métier beauty questions and needs.

After my makeup was done I bought some products from Lé Métier which qualified me for the Red Velvet Lip Gloss and Cream cleanser.  I also walked away with a bag full of skincare goodies compliments of Neiman Marcus for my purchase of $100 or more.  Here are some pictures of my booty(LOL)  I couldn't resist!

 I had a choice between a gold or pink bag and I chose pink obviously. 

Here is what was included in my bag: 

  • Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino Eau De Parfum.  It smells very much like lemons and flowers.  I know that sounds weird but its actually very clean smelling.  It reminds me a little of Philosophy's Pure Grace scent.  
  •  Molton Brown's Vitalising Vitamin AB+C Bath and Shower gel.  It has a strong perfume scent but it fades very quickly.  It made my skin feel extremely soft.
  • An empty jar from La Mer.  You are supposed to bring back the empty jar to the La Mer counter in Neiman Marcus and get an exclusive preview of The Reparative Body Lotion.
  • Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line -Reducing Concentrate.  The info card that accompanied it says it's supposed to be as potent as retinol.  I don't believe anything is more potent than prescription retinol and this sample is too small for me to test that claim.  It's also not supposed to cause sensitivity, I have sensitive skin and vitamin C makes my skin sting so we will see how this works out.
  • Electron a Dozen Roses eau de parfum sample.  This is a strong floral scent for me, it would give me a headache if I wore it myself.
  • Kate Somerville Clinic To Go Resurfacing Peel Pad.  
  • Fekkai Ageless shampoo, conditioner and All-Day Hair Plump samples.  I used the samples already and they made my hair wonderfully soft.
  • Clé De Peau Beauté Le Coton sample.  You can bring the box of silk wrapped cotton to the Neiman Marcus Clé De Peau counter and enjoy a complimentary facial service.

 This is one of the items I purchased, which I will be reviewing soon.  The other items had to be ordered from other stores since they were out of stock and I should probably get them within the next two days.

 I also received this full size complimentary Daily Renew Créme Cleanser. I don't think this cleanser is available for sale yet.  I've used it once and it felt lovely and my skin felt very supple afterwards.  I will continue using it religiously so I can tell you exactly how I feel about it and how it affected my skin.  This is a full size bottle so it's a very generous GWP.

 This Red Velvet Lip Créme was also a GWP and is the most beautiful shade of red I have ever owned.  I will have a full review of it this week.

Here is a picture of my makeover sans the lip.  My hubby and kids went to the mall too so of course after I had my fun we went to the Merry-Go-Round, got cookies and soda's.  So by the time I got home my lipstick was almost gone but you still get a glimpse of the color.  I asked her to do a natural look of course.

I had a great experience at the Lé Métier De Beauté counter in Neiman Marcus and I can see why beauty enthusiasts enjoy going into the store.  It's so much nicer when you can discuss the products with another human being instead of reading them on a computer.  Don't get me wrong I love doing research but I also like human interaction.  As some of you know by now I am a stay at home mom and don't get a lot of adult conversation.  I'm going to have to make it a point and visit Aimee at least twice a month.  Did anyone else go to The Beauty Event?


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chantecaille The Coral Reefs Palette Review, Photos and Swatches

If you have been reading my blog you know I'm a sucker for natural colors.  But one thing you didn't know about me is that I love the Ocean and I especially love snorkeling the coral reefs of Playa Maroma in Mexico.  To me the idea of a perfect getaway always involves the ocean especially the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.  So when I  saw this palette from Chantecaille called The Coral Reef Palette, I just had to have it.  Not only does the palette look gorgeous but Chantecaille is donating five percent of the proceeds toward the Marine Conservation Institute to help protect the world's oceans.  If you want to learn more about the conservation click here.

Here is what Chantecaille's website say's about the product:
Chantecaille proudly joins the Marine Conservation Institutein their efforts to protect 10% of the world’s oceans by 2020.
The oceans cover 71% of the earth, providing 80% of our oxygen and food for 3.5 billion people; yet less than one half of one percent of our oceans are protected. The health of the ocean is vital and coral reefs are the alert system.
Today three quarter’s of the world’s coral reefs are now at risk due to over-fishing, pollution, and global warming. Maintaining 10% of the ocean’s ecosystems as “no take marine protected areas” is the best chance for coral’s survival.
Visit to learn what can you do to help.


The Base/Highlight color name is Pink Pearl it is a pale nude beige.  The Eye Color is called Reef and is a "delicate" golden tan.  The Eyeliner is Driftwood and is a deep bronzed brown.  The Cheek Shade is called coral and it is a soft peachy pink shade.  I used the following application chart from Chantecaille and added my own twist to it.  Scroll down to see more pictures and a complete review.

The following application instructions are from the Chantecaille website.

Application Instructions
Use the Contour Brush to apply Pink Pearl(HIGHLIGHT/BASE) from The Coral Reefs Palette, starting at the arch of the brow and blending down towards the lashes.

Use the Eye Basic Brush to apply Sand (LID/CREASE) fromThe Coral Reefs Palette over the entire eyelid up to the crease.

Use the Eye Liner Brush to apply Driftwood (LINER) fromThe Coral Reefs Palette to the top and bottom lash line. For a smokier look, apply Driftwood with Eye Perfector brush.

Using the Cheek Brush, apply Coral cheek color from The Coral Reefs Palette. Start at the highest point of the check bone and apply outwards towards your temple.

 For the following eye look I primed my eye with Laura Mercier eye primer in Flax.  Then, I took my Buxom Stay There eyeshadow brush and applied pink pearl all over the lid and up to my brown bone.  After that,  I took my Hakuhodo S142 eyeshadow brush and applied Reef to the crease and blended in windshield wiper motions.  Next, I took my MUFE #5N eyeshadow brush and applied Driftwood to my outer V and blended with a MAC 217 brush.  I followed that with my MAC219 and lined my upper and lower lash line with Driftwood.  I then took my MUFE brush again and used LORAC's 3D Liquid Lustre drops to add some shimmer.  Then, I used a MAC 211 pointed liner brush and applied Bobbi Brown's gel liner in Espresso ink.  After that,  I curled my lashes and applied two coats of Mally Volumizing Mascara.  Finally, I used Coral on my cheeks and pink pearl to highlight my cheek bones.  I paired Sunrise Lip Chic and Lucky Brilliant Gloss on my lips.

The palette feels great in my hands, It's big!  It's a must have for all you natural ladies out there. This is a great palette for travel since it contains a blush and highlight color as well.  The colors are gorgeous and velvety soft. The colors stayed true all day with a primer.  My only disappointment was that the gold powder on top of each coral disappears the first time you swipe the brush on it. :(  This is my first Chantecaille Palette and I thought it was misleading.  I presumed the gold color went all the way through.  I'm not sure if they do this with all of their palette's so if anyone else knows please comment below.  I'm still happy with the colors and quality but I wanted the gold too!