Saturday, May 26, 2012

Le Métier Sheer Brilliance and Lip Creme Lip Glosses in Cafe Creme, Summerland, Ibiza and Papaye Creme: Photos, Swatches, Comparison and Review

On my latest trip to Neiman Marcus I had planned only to look at Le Métier's Papaye Creme (please excuse the misspelling of Papaye Creme on all the pictures), but I couldn't leave the store without Cafe Creme, Summerland and Ibiza.  The reason I had gone to look at Papaye Creme is that I read it was similar to Clé De Peau's Gloss #2 that I reviewed here.  If you want to find out if it is keep reading.

Here is what the Neiman Marcus website say's about the products:
Lip Creme Lip Gloss

A beautifully-edited selection of never-before-offered seductive lip color that will captivate and enchant your lips.

A hybrid of gloss and lipstick, Lip Creme combines chic color, intense emollients and antioxidants to soothe and nourish.
Perfect for a more intense color pay-off with added shine and gloss.
Lacquer sheen finish.
Creamy texture and easy glide formula.
Vitamins and antioxidants for smooth supple lips.

Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss

As seen in InStyle magazine (May 2010 issue, p198).
Exclusively ours. Drench lips in total luxury—sumptuous, punchy colour saturates lips in a unique, ultra-lightweight, formula enriched with emollients and antioxidants for beautiful, supple lips.
Elegant, semi-translucent glossy color.
Universal shades.
Vitamin E and lanolin for soft supple lips
Silky texture and easy glide formula.
Never heavy or sticky.How to use: Wear it alone for sheer brilliant shine or or layered over your favorite lip color to magnify color and shine.

 Cafe Creme Lip Creme.

 Cafe Creme

Cafe Creme Lip Creme is a beautiful nude with iridescent micro shimmer that is very understated on the lips.  It has a delicious vanilla bean scent and it has a slight vanilla taste to it, but it may be my brain playing tricks on my senses.  It feels wonderfully soft on my lips, not tacky or sticky and you can't feel the shimmers either. 

 Summerland Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss


Summerland Sheer Brillance Lip Gloss is the most gorgeous lip gloss color ever!  It's a coppery peach with iridescent sparkles and I see a lot of green one's when the light hits it just right.  This formula surprised me because it is so vibrant for a sheer gloss, I didn't expect this much color payoff.   This formula does not have a vanilla bean scent like the lip creme.  It's also not as creamy as the lip creme, you can feel the micro shimmer  a little but the gloss is neither sticky or tacky.  

 Ibiza Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss


Ibiza Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss is sheer pink with iridescent sparkles.  The gloss feels nice and slippery not tacky or sticky.  You can't feel the shimmers and there is no obvious scent or flavor.

 Papaye Creme Lip Creme 

 Papaye Creme

Papaye Creme Lip Creme is a frosty golden peach color.  It feels creamy and soft and has that delicious vanilla bean scent and faint vanilla flavor.

Photograph taken indoors without flash.

The two photos above were taken outdoors, without flash.

 Indoor photograph without flash.

The two photos above were taken outdoors without flash.

I love all the shades I purchased but I consider Summerland and Papaye Creme must haves.  Both formulas feel great and left my lips feeling moisturized and soft.  

Comparison of Le Metier Papaye Creme and Cle De Peau Gloss #2.
 Outdoor photograph without flash.

 Indoor photograph without flash.

Outdoors without flash.

 Both shades worn side by side.  The differences are subtle here but in person they are much more distinct. 

As you can see on the pictures above Papaye Cream has a lot more peach in it than Cle De Peau #2.  Cle De Peau #2 also has more gold and a hint of pink.  Also, the Cle De Peau formula is thick and not as soft as Le Metier, but it lasts and leaves my lips feeling moisturized longer than Papaye Creme.  Cle De Peau #2 also has  a lot of dimension in the sunlight, it looks amazing when you have a tan.  It's something that I think would look great on someone like Jennifer Lopez.  To me they are different enough that I've gotta have both but if you can only buy one you won't go wrong with either.  



  1. Ibiza (as is I love this island so much) and Papaye Creme are my favorites!

    1. Hi Jule! They are beautiful, and I love that you can layer them.

  2. Darn I was hoping they were more similar. Looks like I will be purchasing both!


  3. I have Summerland and Cafe Creme but have always worried about Papaye being too frosty. It looks gorgeous on you though! I am trying to behave! AGH!

    1. Thanks Christa! It is a little frosty but not overbearing. I bet it would look gorgeous with your hair color. I'm trying to behave too! Moving is so expensive!!!!