Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chantecaille The Coral Reefs Palette Review, Photos and Swatches

If you have been reading my blog you know I'm a sucker for natural colors.  But one thing you didn't know about me is that I love the Ocean and I especially love snorkeling the coral reefs of Playa Maroma in Mexico.  To me the idea of a perfect getaway always involves the ocean especially the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.  So when I  saw this palette from Chantecaille called The Coral Reef Palette, I just had to have it.  Not only does the palette look gorgeous but Chantecaille is donating five percent of the proceeds toward the Marine Conservation Institute to help protect the world's oceans.  If you want to learn more about the conservation click here.

Here is what Chantecaille's website say's about the product:
Chantecaille proudly joins the Marine Conservation Institutein their efforts to protect 10% of the world’s oceans by 2020.
The oceans cover 71% of the earth, providing 80% of our oxygen and food for 3.5 billion people; yet less than one half of one percent of our oceans are protected. The health of the ocean is vital and coral reefs are the alert system.
Today three quarter’s of the world’s coral reefs are now at risk due to over-fishing, pollution, and global warming. Maintaining 10% of the ocean’s ecosystems as “no take marine protected areas” is the best chance for coral’s survival.
Visit to learn what can you do to help.


The Base/Highlight color name is Pink Pearl it is a pale nude beige.  The Eye Color is called Reef and is a "delicate" golden tan.  The Eyeliner is Driftwood and is a deep bronzed brown.  The Cheek Shade is called coral and it is a soft peachy pink shade.  I used the following application chart from Chantecaille and added my own twist to it.  Scroll down to see more pictures and a complete review.

The following application instructions are from the Chantecaille website.

Application Instructions
Use the Contour Brush to apply Pink Pearl(HIGHLIGHT/BASE) from The Coral Reefs Palette, starting at the arch of the brow and blending down towards the lashes.

Use the Eye Basic Brush to apply Sand (LID/CREASE) fromThe Coral Reefs Palette over the entire eyelid up to the crease.

Use the Eye Liner Brush to apply Driftwood (LINER) fromThe Coral Reefs Palette to the top and bottom lash line. For a smokier look, apply Driftwood with Eye Perfector brush.

Using the Cheek Brush, apply Coral cheek color from The Coral Reefs Palette. Start at the highest point of the check bone and apply outwards towards your temple.

 For the following eye look I primed my eye with Laura Mercier eye primer in Flax.  Then, I took my Buxom Stay There eyeshadow brush and applied pink pearl all over the lid and up to my brown bone.  After that,  I took my Hakuhodo S142 eyeshadow brush and applied Reef to the crease and blended in windshield wiper motions.  Next, I took my MUFE #5N eyeshadow brush and applied Driftwood to my outer V and blended with a MAC 217 brush.  I followed that with my MAC219 and lined my upper and lower lash line with Driftwood.  I then took my MUFE brush again and used LORAC's 3D Liquid Lustre drops to add some shimmer.  Then, I used a MAC 211 pointed liner brush and applied Bobbi Brown's gel liner in Espresso ink.  After that,  I curled my lashes and applied two coats of Mally Volumizing Mascara.  Finally, I used Coral on my cheeks and pink pearl to highlight my cheek bones.  I paired Sunrise Lip Chic and Lucky Brilliant Gloss on my lips.

The palette feels great in my hands, It's big!  It's a must have for all you natural ladies out there. This is a great palette for travel since it contains a blush and highlight color as well.  The colors are gorgeous and velvety soft. The colors stayed true all day with a primer.  My only disappointment was that the gold powder on top of each coral disappears the first time you swipe the brush on it. :(  This is my first Chantecaille Palette and I thought it was misleading.  I presumed the gold color went all the way through.  I'm not sure if they do this with all of their palette's so if anyone else knows please comment below.  I'm still happy with the colors and quality but I wanted the gold too!



  1. Hi Adriana,

    Sorry you were disappointed but all Chantecaille palettes have very light overspray. Hope you still love the purchase, I swatched it today and it felt so soft! :)


    1. Thanks for the info Cindy! I still love it, but it's good to know for future reference. I appreciate you took the time to let me know!