Friday, March 8, 2013

Lululemon Women's Brisk Run Headband

Just wanted to share my favorite headband to wear during winter runs.  This is the most comfortable headband I've ever owned.  It covers my ears perfectly even when I'm wearing my earbuds.  It stays in place and it's reversible.  Unfortunately you can only find this color on ebay and it's way over priced.  The mint and black colored one is on sale at Lululemon's website under the "We Made Too Much" tab.

Here is what the Lululemon website say's about their product:
why we made this
Made with super soft Rulu, this reversible headband is a great companion on our road runs once winter hits. Its moisture wicking properties and slim fit make it a great additional layer under a bike or ski helmet.
key features
reversible, just like your mood
one size fits beautifully
slim, simple fit works great as an additional layer under helmets and hoods
made with Rulu (aka Running luon) which is moisture wicking
tech specs
designed for: run
fabric(s): Rulu™properties: four-way stretch, moisture wicking, breathable


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sneak Peek Pro Compression Marathon Shamrock Socks

I've been wanting to try out Pro Compression's Marathon socks for a while now but keep forgetting about ordering some.  I saw a picture of the Marathon Shamrock socks on FaceBook and I knew I had to have them.  Not to mention I had a code for $20off so why not?!  I got them this afternoon and as soon as I snapped these pictures I put them on.  I'm already in love, but I will give you a full review after I've worn them a month and I actually see some benefits.  My husband thinks they are hideous and begs me not to run in them outdoors lol.  I guess instead of pretending I have a headache some nights I can just wear these socks ;).  I think they are soooo cute!


Today's Run 3/7/2013

Today I went for an early morning run of 5.5miles on the treadmill.  I woke up before my toddler did so I was able to do about 2miles before she awoke.  I usually don't run in the morning because I prefer to sleep in of course.  My husband didn't have to go to work at his usual time so I knew he could help out if she woke up before I was done.  She waited patiently for me to finish and then she wanted a turn on the treadmill too.  I love to see that she wants to be a runner just like mama.

Here she is still in her PJ's and wanting a drink from my water bottle.  She always see's me drinking water while I run and she wanted to do the same.  Love her!

What did you do for exercise today? Do your kids try to exercise just like you?


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Foundation in Shade 4.0

I've been testing Urban Decay's Naked Skin Foundation since this summer and I guess it's time I share my thoughts on it.  I also bought the Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush which I adore.  I cannot say enough good things about it.  It is definitely my favorite foundation brush.

Let's talk about the foundation.  It's a very fluid foundation, almost watery. It blends very well with the brush or your fingers and really does look natural.  I would say it's a light to medium coverage.  UD claims that it has Anti-Wrinkle and lifting ingredients but I don't use it exclusively so I can't really tell you if it works.  It is also supposed to be fragrance free but mine smells a lot like medicine. My cousin who has the same foundation says she smells nothing but I have a great sense of smell (my husband swears I'm part blood hound).  Maybe I got a bad batch.  This foundation feels comfortable on my skin but I wouldn't say it was moisturizing.  I have pretty dry skin right now and I have to use a moisturizer before I put it on.

This is a pretty good foundation if you want to look natural, if you have major skin concerns I probably would skip it and try something else.  For what it's worth, I won't be repurchasing it.

What Urban Decay's website say's about the product:

Whoever said 'you can't have the best of both worlds' never tried Naked Skin. Not only does our new light-as-air foundation give you the buildable coverage you desire - it also looks and feels like you're wearing absolutely nothing.

Naked Skin uses light-diffusing spheres to 'blur' imperfections for a luminous, demi-matte finish that feels invisible but looks professionally retouched. Naked Skin is oil-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, and loaded with nourishing ingredients:

Matrixyl 3000-Anti-wrinkle and lifting peptides restore and maintain skin's youthful appearance while increasing elasticity.

Litchiderm (derived from lychee fruit) - Protects the skin from dehydration, oxidative stress and accelerated aging, resulting in a brighter, more radiant complexion.

Green Tea & Vitamin E - These anti-oxidants neutralize free-radicals and promote collagen production for smooth and supple skin.

Sodium Hyaluronate - Holds and attracts water for optimal hydration, circulation and nutrient absorption, making skin smooth, soft and youthful.

Our range of 18 meticulously calibrated shades use a numbering system to help you choose your perfect match. Shades ending in '.0' are warm (yellow/olive undertones). Shades ending in '.5' are cool (rosy/neutral undertones).

For professional results, we recommend you apply, buff and blur your way to a flawless finish with our Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush. Designed specifically for Naked Skin, the densely packed shape of this amazing brush distributes makeup evenly and perfectly buffs out the light-diffusing spheres for a soft-focus finish. Don't have the brush? You can also apply using your fingers or sponge - Naked Skin always blends beautifully.

Fill Weight: 30ml / 1 oz

L:before makeup  R: with Makeup


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cle De Peau Beaute Concealer

I have been wanting to try Clé De Peau's Concealer for a long time but at it's price point I could hardly bring myself to try it.  What if I didn't like it? I also don't have a counter close by where I can find a good color match and try it out.  I finally bit the bullet and ordered it.  I figured if so many people love it, so would I.  I purchased the color Beige after consulting with my Neiman Marcus SA over the phone. 

The formula glides on smoothly and is a dream to blend.  It's so easy to work with and it stays put even after a long day.  It looks natural and doesn't make my fine lines more pronounced.  So do I think it's worth $70?  My personal opinion is yes.  I love it.  

Here is what the Neiman Marcus website say's about the product:

Cle de Peau Beaute
Concealer NM Beauty Award Winner 2012 & 2013
Named "Best Concealer" for InStyle magazine's "Best Beauty Buys" (May 2012 issue, p.276).
Named "Best Foundation for Fair, Light, & Olive Skin" for InStyle magazine's "Best Beauty Buys" (May 2012 issue, p.286).A perennial makeup artist favorite, Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer is highly editorialized and continues to win major awards year-after-year.

Enhanced with Revitalizing Moisture Complex to lock in moisture and smooth out texture.
Blends sublimely to expertly conceal dark circles, spots and imperfections.
High performance powders ensure flawless skin in any light, providing maximum coverage with a smooth, even finish that does not crease.

Tip: For lighter skin tones, the Honey shade can be used underneath your matching concealer as a color corrector for truly dark areas. Apply the Honey shade to your darkest area. Pat lightly. Apply your matching concealer on top and blend.

Before concealer.

With Concealer.  Wowzers, what a difference.


Monday, March 4, 2013

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Name Change

A couple of weeks ago I posted that a big change was coming to this blog.  So the name of my blog will be changing from BeautyOps to Laced Up With Lipstick(meaning laced up with running shoes while wearing lipstick).  Yes, I am known to run with lipstick, lipgloss and even mascara on(gasp)! I mean come on, the best way to test out mascara is to use it during a hard workout and see how it stands up to the elements.  Starting this week you will notice changes in my social media pages.  Things will look a little rough, but I promise this won't be for long.  I will also be doing a giveaway soon that will include running and makeup items, so check back often for it.  It will not be advertised.  You can already use and it will direct you to this blog.